Cordelia Fine’s ability to be so funny, yet share such an abundance of information so clearly and efficiently, is spectacular.

In Testosterone Rex, Fine examines nearly every western misconception of gender and sex, beginning by laying out myths we’ve heard for the entirety of our lives, following with the science that disproves them, and ultimately introducing new information about how gender, sex, and identity do and don’t intersect. Fine’s humor is snarky, and her approach thorough and honest. How much and in what manner hormones have to do with our activities & inclinations, to what extent evolutionary biology affects our present behavior, precisely why & how women still struggle to receive adequate credit and representation in STEM fields, and how homosexuality & gender fluidity exist abundantly in nature are all topics covered in this delightfully compelling investigation of our social and physical selves.


Lila Weller

Book Works – Salt Lake City, UT