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The Dark Remains by William McIlvanney

Anyone who loves crime fiction whether it be classic noir or complex whodunits will delight in this, the first Jack Laidlaw mystery, finished posthumously for McIlvanney, the acknowledged creator of “Tartan Noir” by Ian Rankin, another wizard of the craft. Dark, violent and complicated, it’s a masterwork of the genre.

The Wind Rises by Timothee de Fombelle

A feisty young girl with plenty of pluck and a slightly shady young boy with an agenda of his own navigate their way through the murky world of traders in African slaves, piracy and immoral commerce in a world of injustice.

Lambda by David Musgrave

The conflict between a race of aquatic near-humans and their bigoted land-based relatives is the basis for this complex tale that mirrors current events. Immigrants and those from different cultures have long been at odds, as they are in this tale.

The Clockwork Man by E. V. Odle

This most-early mention of a mechanically enhanced human presages the notion of the cyborg with the technology of time but a universal verity. Charming and clearly a product of the early 20 th century this is a delight to read and a revelation to comprehend.

Stories from the Attic by William Gay

Exemplifying the best of short fiction these stories and fragments, accompanied by biographical information of the most compelling sort will please fans of the author and convert those who have not already read his work.

Fourth Quadrant by W. Michael Gear

The post-apocalyptic outcome of an international banking failure thrusts the world into a violent struggle for existence and brings into question the meaning of what it is to “do the right thing”.

Dissolution by W. Michael Gear

An apocalyptic tale of world financial collapse peppered with harsh realities we may be forced to face. A thriller with an eerily real basis that provides possible lessons about our current situation and how it could easily change for the worse.