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Facing the Mountain by Daniel James Brown

The story of the Japanese American soldiers who fought for the U.S. against the Nazis in spite of their treatment by our government. Heroism and patriotism were displayed both on the battlefield and in internment camps by these worthy citizens.

Thirst by Amelie Nothomb

An intimate look at the final hours of Christ’s life, how he views himself and those who will come after him. Witty, profound and slightly blasphemous, there is still love and respect shown. But mostly, thoughtfulness and intelligence.

In the Shadow of the Fire by Herve le Corre

A complex and moving tale of the Communard revolt in 1871 Paris against the troops of a corrupt government is replete with violence and destruction and an enthralling chase to find a young woman in peril. Serious and substantial.

The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

The mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers from a sea-bound tower drives this suspenseful tale rich with details of life in such places and the effects on the people who maintain them, the companies that operate them, and the women who remain on shore while their men are sequestered away from land.