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Lone Women by Victor LaValle

A multifaceted horror/western/feminist/gender identification story this is a disturbingly potent narrative of a woman fleeing a curse and seeking peace. Along the way she finds purpose and fulfillment.

This Other Eden by Paul Harding

Based in fact, this novel tells the tragic story of a group of mixed-race islanders evicted from their rightful homes in the name of preservation of racial purity. Compelling and appalling in equal measure, the tale is nonetheless captivating and richly told.

The London Séance Society by Sarah Penner

Seances, spiritualism, murder and Victorian London: how could it get better? Add a young woman who is skeptical of all of this and yet becomes embroiled in sinister paranormal plots with a touch of romance and it all comes together nicely.

Murder Your Employer by Rupert Holmes

An academic institution dedicated to the education of sufferers of oppression and cruelty in the arts of “deletion”. Overbearing and vicious employers who make life miserable for their charges are the targets of these erudite schemes to succeed in murder and avoid retribution for the same. Dark fun.