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First Frost by Craig Johnson

A return to Walt and Henry’s youth shows the veteran reader of the Longmire series how and why they came to be the men they are. Younger, perhaps less wise but still with all the traits that have made them favorites, this story will fully satisfy any reader of the author’s works.

The Throne by Franco Bernini

Filling in the blanks about one of the most famous figures of history, the story of how Machiavelli came to write his famous work “The Prince” will keep any reader of historical fiction, or fiction in general riveted throughout.

To Die in June by Alan Parks

Fifth in a series of Tartan Noir mysteries, the estimable Harry McCoy once again walks a fine line between law and order and the forces of crime. A flawed but lovable character, his exploits will surely entertain.

Daughters of Shandong by Eve J. Chang

The plight of women after the communist takeover of China is the subject of this engaging story, based on the life of the author’s grandmother. The historic second-class status of women was not erased entirely by the social, cultural and political upheaval of Mao’s ascendancy.

All Our Yesterdays by Joel H. Morris

The backstory of an historically reviled character which reveals the true woman behind the culturally iconic wife of Macbeth, from one of Shakespeare’s most fascinating works.