All Our Yesterdays by Joel H. Morris

The backstory of an historically reviled character which reveals the true woman behind the culturally iconic wife of Macbeth, from one of Shakespeare’s most fascinating works.

All Our Yesterdays by Joel H. Morris
Hardcover | $28
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Whether or not you are a Shakespeare fan, you probably know quite a bit about the “Scottish Play”, Macbeth. So many famous quotes have their source there and the character of Lady Macbeth is culturally iconic. Morris has given as the backstory: an oppressed young woman, manipulated by men while subtly pursuing her own agenda. Smart, even mildly psychic, the woman who has become in our minds a villainess possessed a much more comprehensive view of the world and its workings than the ham-handed men with whom she was surrounded.


Incorporating the features of the Bard’s play including the three witch sisters in various roles, the author has built a fascinating portrait of a woman struggling to find success in spite of societal fetters and a series of unfortunate occurrences that shaped her life. Always with an eye to the political, she finds love in the arms of the noble and somewhat naïve Thane of Glamis and works with him to attain the throne. Feeble and inept royals, jealous minor relatives and a volatile military situation all contribute to laying a perilous path for this husband and wife who seek a place on the throne of Scotland.


Personal and intimate, this portrait of a character we thought we knew is intriguing and charming. We find ourselves in sympathy with her motivations and appalled by the obstacles placed in her way. She is a notable personage to whom respect, until now, has not been given. There’s more in heaven and earth, dear reader… (sorry, that’s Hamlet, but…)


Finely written with a vivid landscape and fully endowed characters, this is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read for both fans and haters of Shakespeare.