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Here and Only Here by Chriselle Dabos

Imagine all your middle-school nightmares made manifest. Add to that an eerie paranormal aspect that elevates the whole to the maximum level and you have this wildly creative and engaging tale of the middle school from hell.

The Longmire Defense by Craig Johnson

Once again Walt Longmire, a character beloved by many does what he does best: digs up the bones of a long-dead crime which point to a possible murder by Walt’s prickly grandfather and a current plot to defraud billions of dollars from the great state of Wyoming.

A Volga Tale by Guzel Yakhina

A delightfully translated novel combining fairy tale and historical fiction in a fully satisfying story of a misfit struggling to sustain life in a perilous time.

The Woman Inside by M. T. Edvardsson

Less dark than others of the genre, this Scandinavian murder mystery is cleverly plotted and crafted skillfully using only the voices of the principals: victims, suspects and perpetrator. Briskly moving narrative helps maintain a high level of interest throughout.

Sun House by David James Duncan

Profound beyond words with advice and guidance to healing the earth and our relationship with it, finding peace and truth in ourselves and others this book should be read by everyone.

The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese

This massive tome is well worth the time and effort it takes to essay its length. Covering every type of human feeling, aspiration, fear and fulfillment the narrative flows much like the water that pervades the story. Always moving, never the same, leading to an eternal sea of consciousness and meaning.

First Blood by Amelie Nothomb

At times appalling, always lively, uniformly loving, this account of the author’s father and his life experiences is a bright and interesting read, and the reader is left with a warm regard for both the subject and his biographer.